Your Craft & Discount Cannabis Headquarters

Ryan, our B.A. Baracas aka Mr. T 😎

Ryan moved to Amherstburg 5 years ago for the love of his life. He’s worked all around town, & through his own venture of starting a business making jerky, he realized how much he wanted to be part of growing a local business! He’s found his dream job with us at @amherstburgcannabisco and is a huge asset to our team!

Ryan’s first language is French, but is completely bilingual. His heart lies in rescuing animals and has 11 animals at home, including cats, rats, fish to name a few!! He’s also our resident cannabis expert in so many products.

Cannabis has been a huge part of Ryan’s life for a long time for many reasons. He loves seeing people find their way to such a multifaceted product, in whatever way it can be used in their lives!

You can find Ryan enjoying concentrates, including resin, hash & kief on his days off.

Alyssa 😉

Alyssa is a hometown girl, born and raised in Amherstburg! She’s been part of many General Amherst events & campaigns, and has participated in many can drives over the years.

A sporty spice, Alyssa loves volleyball and track, to name a couple! She’s currently in teachers college and loves travelling…specifically loving the best coast, BC!

The universal application of cannabis, and knowing there is something for everyone, is the reason Alyssa loves working in this industry!

Alyssa is a fan of CBD products and Sativas! Say hi to her next time you’re in!

Steph 💃

Born in Windsor, Steph has lived in Amherstburg her entire life! She’s been a huge part of the community by volunteering and taking part in many community activities & events.

If you don’t speak English, Steph is your girl, fluent in three languages, English, French, & Spanish! She’s currently in the border service program at St Clair and loves animals & travelling, when we can again!

The quick accessibility and the variety of products which we have to offer here at Amherstburg Cannabis Co. is the best part of the cannabis industry.

Steph recommends Ultra Sour by Namaste as her absolute favourite top pick, it is a sativa dominant strand and gives a perfect day buzz.

Grace 👸🏻

Grace is our born & raised beauty who’s lived & worked in Amherstburg her whole life, & absolutely loves her hometown!

This animal lover, loves spending time with her 3 dogs Bear, Billy & Howie. Grace is an aspiring Real Estate Agent, and can’t wait to showcase the best of Amherstburg one day in the very near future. A lover of travel, she’s looking forward to getting back to Aruba to explore her passion in scuba diving!

Grace is fascinated by the science of cannabis, diving into the biology, is grateful for the progress of research & the availability of information we are working toward in the industry!

Char 🤓 Triple A

Char is not only an experienced bud tender, but also our social media guru. She moved to Amherstburg over 6 years ago LOVES the small town life!

A lover of nature, there’s nothing better for her than a good hike or working outside with her hubby & pooch on her 2.5 acre hobby farm. Yoga is a huge passion for Char, so much so, she started teaching 5 years ago, you can find her @yogawithcharmaine. To say she loves travel would be an understatement, but the most important part of travel for Char is visiting friends and family all around the country & the world. 🙂

Char is so excited to be working in the cannabis industry, and still can’t believe how far we’ve come in legalization. She’s eager to learn & know as much as she can to provide the best product to each customer.

CBD products are a top choice for Char, as they’ve been a go to for her in the past, but she loves a good sativa for weekend adventures. Give our social pages a follow, and send Char some love!

Luigi 🐺 aka Hannibal: The Leader of the Pack

Our fearless leader, bud tender & consultant to our staff, ensuring we have the best training in the area. Born & raised Amherstburgian, Luigi is first and foremost a pharmacist & a big part of the Amherstburg community & medical community. When his wife decided to start the business he knew he needed to be at the helm of ensuring we had the best products, and the most informed staff.

Luigi loves spending time with his wife & 2 little future bud tenders. Travelling is a big passion for his family, they love exploring & visiting family in Italy. He’s been involved in the medical cannabis industry for over 5 years, and has a passion for learning & teaching.

Luigi loves the accessibility of our cannabis products to members of the community & educating people on the different types of products that are available, as he pairs the best product to each individual to have the right experience.

You’ll find Luigi near his favourite cabinet: oils, capsules, creams, & lotions, working to match each individual with their specific desire!

Carlie 🍷

Born and raised in the great out west, Carlie moved to Amherstburg 5 years ago, loving the small town vibe for raising her family.  
Originally from Calgary, Carlie moved to Windsor at a young age with her family.  She’s an animal lover, and loves all the snuggles with her dog Gus, and kitty Boots! 

Working in the cannabis industry has been a fun experience for Carlie.  Learning about and testing out new strains is a great perk of working at the ACC.  This is also the key piece in making sure she’s able to find the perfect product for individuals needs. 

Carlie is loving Broken Coast - Gabriola, for its’ hybrid lightness and chill sensation!

Kirsten 🦎

Kirsten has been a part of the Amherstburg community for years through work.  She loves the small town feel, and being able to serve our residents. 

Currently in the Border Services program, she also enjoys the automotive industry, specifically photographing some of her faves.  You can also find Kirsten hanging out with her rare Geckos. 

She enjoys the science and education side of the cannabis industry, and sharing this knowledge with our customers. 

Kirsten’s favourite strain is one of our newbies, and amazing brands, Carmel - Drew’s Dark Helmet!  You won’t be disappointed 😉